Full Stack Web Developer

PHP and JavaScript Developer with experience working in Laravel, WordPress, Vue.js and React.

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About me

Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a freelance web developer based out of Lima, Peru.

Projects I work on range from startup and small business websites where I'm the sole developer to larger web based applications that require a team of developers, marketers and designers. Whether I'm working with a big or small team I enjoy collaborating with other professionals to build quality online products and solutions.

If you need a developer please feel free to send me a message and/or checkout my resume for more information.

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Technical Abilities

Laravel Development
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  • Advanced experience with Middleware, Collections, Custom Artisan Commands, Policies, Requests, and more.
  • Software Testing, TDD, and Unit Tests with PHPUnit
  • Building RESTful APIs.
  • Implementing OAuth and JWT Tokens.
  • MySQL profiling and query optimization.
WordPress Development
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  • Custom Theme Development (PSD to HTML/CSS)
  • Custom Post Types and Template Tags
  • Extend core WordPress JSON-API
  • Gutenberg Block Development
  • Website setup and maintenance with shared hosting.
JavaScript Development
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  • Add basic interactivity to a website with jQuery or vanilla JavaScript.
  • Build and/or maintain Single Page Applications with Vue.js, vue-router and vuex.
  • Build and/or maintain Single Page Applications with React and react-router.
  • Experience with tools in the JS Ecosystem including: npm, yarn, and webpack.

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